Getting Involved in Open Source Projects

We all should be somehow thankful to the Open Source Projects. As in the past few years, these open source projects have provided us with some very useful software. Even many of the technologies, which we are using in our day to day life these days are because of the open source projects only. Like Python, Firefox, Android, VLC Media Player, and few others. For the new age programmers, open source projects are really a great opportunity. The programmers can contribute towards these open source projects and can help in developing some really great software or techniques. Below, we have mentioned a few things related to open source project, that may help you or inspire you in getting involved in open source projects.

Reasons why one should get involved in open source projects

There is not just one or two, but there are many reasons that can make one involved in open source projects. Here, we have mentioned some of the reasons.

  • With the open source projects, one can share the codes, and it will not just help them but will help others. The thought that the code should be open, helps in contributing more towards the technology and new inventions. As it is not just you who will learn but other people involved in the project will also learn and will get motivated for contributing more towards it.
  • Anyone who is motivated and is very much interested in open source projects can start contributing towards it. So, this not just gives the chance to experienced programmers, but it also helps the beginners. As being a beginner, one may not involve into the main work, but they can always start with fixing minor errors, writing code, and can also try to understand the other programmers or developers work.
  • Being a part of the open source project is itself a great thing. Not just you get to learn a lot of things while working on these projects. But you also get to meet people with similar interests. This helps in increasing your network as well.
  • When you actively get involved in many open source projects every now and then, it increases your credibility also. You are more likely to get a greater number of projects and it will add a great value in your CV as well. Also, when the employers notice you, the chances of promotion or better opportunities are always there.

Know how you can get involved in open source projects

When it is about getting involved in open source projects, there are a lot of things that you can do:

  1. Type of Open Source Project – It is not necessary that you should get involved in every open source project. So, when you are planning to contribute towards the open source projects, first check the type of project it is. It is no harm in getting involved in the projects about which you have less knowledge, as you can learn new things. But try to prefer those projects more which are of your interests. As by doing that, you will be able to contribute more. For example would work on a startup mobile app interest you? Within that would you be interested in a dating app, a local hook up app, or something completely different? The opportunities really are endless.
  2. Check whether it is paid or unpaid – Most of the open source projects are unpaid only. As they are volunteered. But there are few open source projects, which pay their developers. So, if you are looking for an open source project which can pay, then you need to check different communities for open source projects.